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Haim | The Coveteur
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never give up on your dreams

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SOOOOOOO, here’s the most late post ever in the entire world.

I’ve been resisting many things over the past week - which I am surprisingly okay with. It’s been really, really great. Looking back on the last couple of days, I see my mind focusing on a lot of my “struggles”, which is annoying. BUT, what’s great is that I’m seeing my self, my actual self, saying no to things without asking my minds opinion. I know that this challenge has been about saying YES, but I’m realizing that I’ve been saying yes to a lot of unhealthy things; relationships, the perception I’ve let others have of me, quitting, reactions that give me an “out”, etc. I can see me actually beginning to recognize that and then slowly, but surely, shedding it. A lot of lean-ins have been personal for me this past week and most of them have been me actually saying no. And with that, I’ve been saying “yes” to the tiniest things that defy those perceptions that come out of co-dependence and victim.

Does this make sense?! Eh.